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New multifunctional test chamber at IGOS

IGOS is an accredited test laboratory officially approved by Mercedes-Benz for initial material sampling according to WEB 2020+ and is listed as an approved laboratory in the V100 list.

Thanks to the new corrosion test chamber, corrosion and environmental simulations can now be carried out fully automatically – without having to reposition the components under test – in a single chamber.

The size of the installation (chamber size: 2 m³) and the versatile control system enable even more consistent simulation of natural corrosion processes. 

In many laboratories, the VDA 233-102 test series is performed in different chambers, which requires manual repositioning of the components. At IGOS, too, the components previously had to be moved between the climate chamber and a salt spray chamber three times a week for three hours. Manual interventions of this kind in the test phase and the inevitable change of the test position may, in some circumstances, lead to a falsification of the results.

To prevent this, IGOS has recently expanded its testing equipment with a new combination test chamber – especially for this VDA test – which enables the complete process of corrosion testing to be carried out in a single machine. The fully automated equipment enables the creation of reproducible corrosion profiles. These visualise the weak points in coatings or the corresponding vulnerability of the material without having to reposition the device under test during the test cycles.

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