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The IGOS Institute

As the 1980s drew to a close, industry expressed its need for an independent, capable contact for all matters to do with the surface treatments industry. The call was heard and we responded by founding IGOS in 1993. Today, IGOS is a preferred, impartial contact for all companies involved in coatings technology, the surface treatments and electroplating industries.

The impartial approach practised by the Institute

IGOS has been accredited to DIN EN ISO 17025 since 2006. This ensures the independence and competence of the institute. It is the indispensable prerequisite for independent test reporting, which we guarantee as part of our testing techniques and complie expert opinons and reports for courts and insurers.

A broad range of technical expertise is a guarantee for capable services

By bringing together experts from a number of different fields of surface treatments, we have imbued the IGOS team with an impressive spectrum of core skills and knowledge. This carefully balanced blend of experts from the fields of electroplating, materials science, chemistry and corrosion protection and other areas applicable to the electroplating and surface treatment industry has proved its worth many times over by finding answers to numerous tough questions. Discussing the task and associated issues as a team enables us to approach the job from all sides and achieve the ideal solution. Besides our day-to-day activities, which mainly involve providing advice and rapid solutions in connection with troubleshooting issues and examining damaged components, IGOS is also ideally positioned to perform studies, research and application-specific R&D projects and associated technology transfers. Where specific issues require clarification that extends beyond the joint technical expertise available within IGOS, we can draw on a broadly based network of specialists and organisations to answer your queries. Membership of the Association of Electrochemical Research Institutes (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Elektrochemischer Forschungsinstitutionen e.V. (AGEF)) ensures IGOS has direct access to the latest scientific developments and examination methods in the electrochemicals industry (e.g. micro-electrochemistry and sensor technology). Our corporate membership of the German Association of Electroplaters and Surface Treatment Professionals (DGO) assures us involvement in the direct flow of information regarding new developments in the field of surface finishing techniques.

To make sure we are always at the leading edge of technical expertise regarding paint finishing technology, we have our membership of the DFO. In addition, the Institute maintains working agreements with other institutes covering a broad range of professions (flame spraying, paint finishing, analyses, plastics, safety technology, etc.). You can find more detailed information about the Institute's technical capabilities in the area entitled Services.

We will be pleased to advise you in the fields of  coatings technology, surface treatments and electroplating.

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