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Condensation-water atmospheres

These tests supply clarification of the behaviour and detect defects in the corrosion protection on the samples in moist environments.

Testing specimens in condensation water - constant climates or condensation water – alternating condensation climates

to DIN EN ISO 6270-2 CH, AHT, AT (replacement for DIN 50017 KK, KFW, KTW)

Condensation-water testing with corrosive gas

Simulation of industrial atmospheres in a saturated atmosphere in the presence of SO2 to DIN 50018 AHT with 1.0 l SO2 and 2.0 l SO2, DIN EN ISO 6988 with 0.2 l SO2

Corrodkote corrosion testing



Modified Corrodkote corrosion testing

DIN 50958

Corrodkote corrosion testing and modified Corrodkote corrosion testing are mainly applied to parts with Cu-Ni-Cr or Ni-Cr coatings on steel surfaces.