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Miscellaneous coatings

Material and coating system: hard-chrome-plated steel
Damage profile: non-conforming area in the coating
Cause of defect: shrinkage cavity in the parent metal near the surface

Material and coating system: unknown
Damage profile: dent in the coating
Cause of defect: dent not properly filled in parent metal

Material and coating system: lacquered aluminium (made visible by means of DIC filter)
Damage profile: localised pimples on the surface
Cause of defect: filiform inclusions in the paint finish

Material and coating system: hard chrome-plated steel
Damage profile: visible corrosion of the steel ("red rust")
Cause of defect: excessively long vertical cracks in the chrome layer

Material: friction welding of aluminium wires on brass
Damage profile: ineffective friction welding process
Cause of defect: not defined

Werkstoffe: Reibschweißung von Aluminiumdrähten auf Messing
Schadensbild: Versagen der Reibschweißung
Fehlerquelle: wurde nicht eingegrenzt