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Special tests

By combining the resources in our chemistry laboratory with those in our specialist corrosion section, we are able to carry out a number of special tests to assess chemical resistance. Thanks to the large number of tests and analyses for which IGOS has been certified in the field of resistance to chemicals, the Institute is is accredited to perform all inspection and testing processes relating to resistance to media.

  • Alkali resistance test to VW TL 212
  • Acid/alkali/heat resistance (VW TL 182)
  • Chemical resistance e.g. VDA 621-412
  • Fuhrmann/Dubpernell test of pore and crack density (DIN 53 100)
  • Loss of absorptive power DIN EN 12373-4
  • Calcium chloride resistance to VW PV 1067
  • GMW 14701