Seminars on the subject of corrosion

Training leaflet: Corrosion

Fundamentals of corrosion and corrosion testing

This seminar teaches basic knowledge relating to the corrosion process and corrosion testing. This is essential to be able to evaluate the results of tests in a meaningful way. The focus during the seminar is, however, on implementing and evaluating corrosion tests with reference to the applicable standards. To this end, we perform practical exercises using the equipment provided by the Institute which puts seminar participants in a position to plan and organise corrosion and anti-rust tests relating to the current issue. At the end of the seminar, the participants will have basic understanding of rust protection and corrosion protection techniques. 

Seminar dates:                  

  • 18. bis 19. February 2020

  • 21. bis 22. April 2020 - canceled due to corona virus!

  • 03. bis 04. June 2020 - canceled due to corona virus!

  • 25. bis 26. August 2020

  • 06. bis 07. Oktober 2020

  • 10. bis 11. November 2020


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