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Leaflet about
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Our seminars are held only in German.

Training leaflet: Fundamentals of electroplating

Fundamentals of electroplating


Fundamentals of electroplating - not just for experts

Seminar leaflet: Fundamentals of damage analysis

Analysing damage to coated components



A fundamental approach to damage analysis

Training leaflet: Corrosion

Fundamentals of corrosion and corrosion testing techniques


A seminar based on theoretical and practical content

Training leaflet: Paint technology for electroplaters

Fundamentals of paint technology on electroplated surfaces


Fundamentals seminar for all those interested in learning about paint technology.

Services leaflet: External auditing

External auditing of corrosion testing equipment


An addendum to existing maintenance & service agreements for your corrosion testing equipment in view of compliance testing and functional dependability by IGOS


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Map & directions to IGOS

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